Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mini Update

If I can find the camera, I'll take pictures of Teagan's Valentine's Tea Party today. Also, a new belly picture to be had as I've been a-growing.

Just a quick update though as I had my appointment with Colleen (midwife) and first prenatal with Rae (doula) on Wednesday.

Colleen's appt: All is well.
* My blood pressure was a lovely 112/73.

* I've gained 5 more pounds putting me up to 166.5 - I'm making bets with myself to NOT get to 207 lbs this time. (granted I think 40 lbs of that was A LOT of weight gain with T = 66lbs).

* Heard and recorded the baby's heartbeat, but have no way of posting that. It sounds like a heartbeat in uterus at 150 beats/minute. Played it back for Teagan, took a few times for her to hear it but now she reports to people that it's her baby you can hear. Yes, HER baby is in MY belly, according to her. :)

*Colleen and I talked about my reflux and reviewed ways to manage it (all of which I knew already and am implementing, most of the time) as well as plans for hospital location. She is now at Lakewood and as long as I make it to 35 weeks, I'll deliver there. 37 weeks or more and I can have the water birth. :) Both Colleen and I think I'll go over 40 weeks this time, don't know why, just do. I was thinking 7-7 would be nice (Teagan's is 10-7) or 7-10-08 would also be nice. I like play on numbers. If I deliver at any time up to and including 34 weeks, 6 days, I have to go to Fairview Hospital as they have the NICU. Apparently St John's does not anymore. Alas.
Fairview would be alright. Nice birthing suites, but then they move you upstairs for recovery. Ah well. Hopefully not an issue.

*Got requisite for the 20-week ultrasound and it is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb 19th at 1:00pm. Expect another update following. :)

Meeting with Rae:

* It was really nice to see her again, but I think she forgot how much Matt HATES the male stereotypes of husband with pregnant wife. He is kind, sensitive and involved completely.

*She gave us a lot of good resources including a birthing class workbook. We'll read through it and decide if we still want to go to Jill's Bradley Method class. Can never be TOO prepared. :) Also a name of a good chiropractor who I'm going to check to see if she is on our health insurance plan as I'm already having sciatic/piriformis pain.

*We went over our birth plan which was informative and I'm still glad to hear from Rae, what Colleen's practices are and they are very much in line with what I'd like. For example, you can eat during labor (knowing you will probably vomit midlabor, but better to have sustenance), no IV port unless you are Strep B positive in which case there is a need for IV antibiotics, laboring is various positions is supported, and pretty much okay with refusal of any extra medical procedures unless she feels they are necessary for the health and safety of the baby/mama. She even has some nice options to the typical western medicine procedures. Like say for instance, the baby is big and having trouble coming out....they'll do perineal massage and warm compresses to help rather than go right to episiotomy. I like these options and plan to help prep as much for labor as possible

*Rae reminded us, which is always good to hear, that when we go to the hospital it is to labor. Labor is hard work, it hurts and we can do it! :) She has a lot of good techniques in her bag of tricks and has been doing this for almost 10 years now! I'm so glad to have her on our team.

So now I'm in yoga Tuesday nights, Fridays we are taking Teagan to the warm water pool for Family Swim Night (which is a great place for me to workout without the pressure of weightbearing in sitting or standing) and I have the schedule for the aquatic classes. I'm thinking a warm water class once a week might be a nice addition. Need to be prepared for the marathon of birth :)

And did I mention that I can feel Baby Moon once in a while moving in his little womb? It's not real strong yet, but reassuring and odd at the same time.

And there you have it, my maybe-not-so-mini update. :) Pictures soon!


Jennifer McMillin said...

Ah girl! I love you so much! So exciting...and great to see a new blog post! Keep the stories comin!
Hugs, Jenn

Carl said...

Great BP. Good post.