Sunday, February 17, 2008

Things I crave

The ultrasound is in two days. Will we find out? Yes, if baby is cooperative. Do we have a preference? Not in the slightest. We've never had a boy but we have the clothes for a girl and Teagan having a sister is a nice prospect.

I am going to call the chiropractor tomorrow to see about this sciatic/piriformis pain that keeps recurring. Stretches seem to help, but only marginally and I can't help but feel as if some assistance in getting the pelvis aligned better will be beneficial. I know I've been off a long time, but we'll just go and see what she has to say.

Cravings as of late: Well, I can not consume enough pizza or cheeseburgers, but what I really can not get enough of is maple iced cream-filled doughnuts. (and those tasty tasty cupcakes from Giant Eagle) With Teagan I had a serious constant craving of Hostess Ho-Hos. I had one the other day and it just doesn't please me like the doughnut. Ah well. One doughnut does the trick and I'm only indulging every few days. :)
Why can't I crave steamed vegetables? I cannot drink enough water. That's gotta count for something? Right? :)

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Carl said...

At least the craving tastes good. Thankfull it is not pickles in ice cream or some such.