Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Babies and not-quite-babies and soon-to-be babies

So I recounted the other day and I'm officially 16 weeks, 4 days along. Next appt is Feb 6 (two weeks from tomorrow). Symptoms, mild discomfort now and then but overall subsided. Belly growing, but feels much bigger than it looks I'm sure.
Name check: Cael River, Cael Skyen, Maeve Summer, Maeve Larissa.
Interesting facts: belly name is Baby Moon, Kale is a moon of Jupiter (liked the name before that was discovered) and Larissa is a Neptune moon. Just for fun. :)

And now for your viewing pleasure.

Gavin, 5 months

Hard to get photos of the two of them, but here's Teagan and Gavin.
She may well be trying to pet him, I'm not sure. :)

The beginnings signs of Baby Moon

And now back to your regularly scheduled program.


Carl said...

Yep. Still looking svelte.

Kristy said...

Hi Heather! 17 weeks now - wow!

You're looking great and I love love love the names you have chosen. (I have a fondness for slightly unusual, yet not crazy names...refer to the names of my children ;-)

Cute pictures! Gavin is getting so big!

Miss seeing you every week. We're taking Xavier and Bennett swimming now and they're loving it. Xavier's been doing really well with tone lately. He continues to impress us!

Will we see you at all in the spring?

Take care!