Sunday, March 30, 2008

Coronado's Peak

Monday: Matt, Teagan and I went into town for breakfast at the local coffee shop. Jess & Autumn were off work and school at noon on Mondays but we mostly hung around the house and played games and so forth. No pictures.

Tuesday: After waiting for the plumbers to come fix the drains that were not working, Jess, Matt, Teagan and I drove up to Coronado National Park for a little desert mountain hike. Gorgeous. Mid-70's and sunny. We didn't have a whole lot of time before we had to pick up Autumn from school but it was well worth the trip. :) Jess was again gracious enough to be Teagan's buddy so I could take pics.

Latest profile.... 25 1/2 weeks!

Tuesday night (our last night in town) we went to a little Mexican restaurant in Old Bisbee and for ice cream. Then home for a little Wii action. :)
Here's a photo of the Hartley Clan....

Our little cowgirl! :)

Easter Sunday

So then we flew off to Arizona. 3 hours to Houston, 2 1/2 hours from there to Tucson and then a 1 1/2 hour drive down to Bisbee. Boy, it was a long trip. We finally arrived at 11:30pm their time, which I believe is about 2:30am our time. It was well worth it though. When asked where we were going on vacation Teagan was equally apt to say "to Easter!" as she was to say "to Arizona!".

After a good night's sleep, we got up early (6am Tucson-time early), hunted easter baskets (or bag in Teagan's case...made packing easier), had some yummy breakfast and waited for the neighbor kids to come over. Jess and I hid 107 eggs in the backyard. The girls down the road (transplanted friends from Massachusetts) are aged 6 to 10 years, so with Teagan at 3 and Autumn at 13 years old, we had quite the span, but they all got along great and had lots of fun!The Girls

My Girl.
Stopped to pose for a picture mid-egg hunt :)

The Loot.
In addition to candy and small toys in some of the eggs there, Jess also put numbered papers in and had a prize table the girls got to raid.

And then there was Clay-o-Rama

Teagan's monster of "9"..her favorite number. So 9 legs and 9 eyes, but it was a good monster so it threw heart-shaped missles :)

Later that night, Jess & Pat took us to Old Bisbee for a little walk-around. Quaint artist's colony and old mining town.

Thanks Jess for keeping watch on Teagan!

And so went our Easter Sunday

Time Flies....Easter Saturday

I was going to post pictures of the near-blizzard and sticker fun on my belly but in the interest of staying current...I'll put up the latest pictures from Easter and our trip to Arizona.
Matt's mom hosted an Easter brunch on Saturday before we had to get to the airport. It was a white Easter, but full of warmth and family-fun indoors. My folks, Keith, Liz, Gavin and Aunt Leah came over to celebrate.

The Easter Bunny...aka Teagan...had lots of fun finding the eggs around the living room and opening them to find all sorts of surprises. She has three baskets of goodies too! (2 from Nana and 1 from Grammy)
Baby Gavin is getting so big! He's 8-months old already and does a stellar job sitting up and scooting around on his belly. :) Here he is with Daddy Keith. There was some discussion at dinner about which cost more, Gavin's CK jeans or Keith's shirt. :) (they were trying to prioritize which to try to save from the mushy bananas) And for those who can't see the details, but would appreciate it, that's a Mickey Mouse onesie :)
A daunting task indeed....trying to get Gavin and Teagan looking in the same direction at the same time. :) Ah well. Here's the best I've got.
Sue has a glass dining room table. Here's a picture Matt took of Teagan underneath and her new favorite face to make :) Ferocious, eh?

Teagan had been greatly anticipating Easter, what with eating bunnies and dyeing and finding eggs and so forth....her only disappointment was that it only lasted two days. She would rather it still be Easter :) In fact when we were in Arizona she kept saying "When we get back home, it'll be Easter and we'll look for eggs...."

Thursday, March 20, 2008

From the News Files

This was passed along to me and I pass it along to you....
It's not common, but it exists and frequently misdiagnosed.

FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED - We NEED to know this..... I didn't know

(IBC) Inflammatory Breast Cancer news story


Very aggressive breast cancer, not detected by a lump AND NOT detected by regular mammograms. Many doctors think it is just a bug bite or something and by the time you know its not the chance of survival is very low. Please watch the quick is worth your time.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baby Moon's growth in 6 weeks

More for myself than anything....

The comparison from last pic to this.

Left was 16.5 weeks, Right is 22.5 weeks

Ouch and still ouch, plus a few pics

Today is Wednesday. On Friday I was carrying Teagan downstairs in an effort to get her to the potty quickly and missed the last step, fell to me knees and sustained SI/pelvic injury. I'm pretty sure nothing is broken and although it's sore all the time (especially when sitting on the floor, trying to get up from the floor and standing or walking for any length) it is getting better. Ah well. Just thought I'd mention it as I'm using this to keep track of things related to the pregnancy. I was a little worried after the fall; Teagan was okay and I didn't have any immediate signs of greater problems (no bleeding, cramping, etc) but I had to wait a while before I felt Moon moving about again. Just trying to take it easy, but I'm not very good at slowing down and not doing what I usually do at work and home.

And then, a few pictures. I should know better than to ask Matt to do this before he eats lunch, but I wanted to post while I had a few minutes and I've been promising belly pics. So here's what you get. 3 from my phone (my camera is still at Sue's from the bday party on Sunday). The first two from Matt and the last one I took.

Today is 22 weeks, 5 days

Oh and just for fun, my new sexy measurements are a curvacious 43, 42, 44. :) ha!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Snow Day

We had two snow days this week and no wonder! We seriously got at least 6 inches in our yard. It's impressive and will probably melt today. It took use a few days to get out (Teagan changing her mind the first day) but here are some pictures of us frolicking in the snow. Oh, I might mention that Matt left the phone in the house so these are from my cell phone. :)

Matt presumably took a picture of Me with Teagan, but it is not on my phone. Ah well. Oh, and the tree is the one we finally planted with her placenta (sure, it only took us 3 years but we did it!)

On the way back to the house Teagan was having a blast doing belly flops in the snow. (see above)
And below are a couple pictures from our time at our art table the other day. (again from the cell phone) She's funny about painting, she likes to use the same color paint and paper. For example, "Mama I need red paper for the red paint". In the picture below she's holding her sparkly red glue bottle.

Fun! Fun!

Peter and the Wolf

February 23rd, Teagan, Sue (my mother-in-law) and I went to Severance Hall for a production of Peter & The Wolf by the Cleveland Orchestra. Although the pre-concert activities were a bit unorganized, the concert itself was delightful with several pieces featuring various parts of the orchestra as an intro to the instruments that have parts in Peter & The Wolf. During Peter & The Wolf there was a narrator and puppeteers (see below). Teagan loved it! Sue bought the book after the show which Teagan has read (or had read to her) dozens of times and we even found the Disney version on YouTube as well as other versions.

See that little girl in the middle of the photo, looking up, that's Teagan! She was fascinated by the big wolf puppet. :)