Thursday, August 9, 2007

New favorite pics

Teagan rode the camel at the zoo! And Daddy went too! :) She had a great time!
And of course, more Gavin photos: (I think my brother's responsible for the pic size)

I asked Teagan today, "Who's so cute?" She replied " Gavin!"

and he is!

On an almost completely unrelated note...

I'm loving this!

Welcome Home, Baby Gavin!

He's arrived! 2 days early, carving out the only day between Aug 3 and Aug 8, not already marked for another family member and completing a series. My dad born Aug 4, brother Keith Aug 5 and now his son Gavin Aug 6! So here's the info and the pics:

Gavin Earl McMilin
born Aug 6, 2007 12:48am
7 lb, 10 oz 20 1/4 inches

Gavin is 2 hours old in these pics! :) He's such a great baby already...what a Love!