Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And the award goes to....

those who guessed * boy *.

Went for our 20-week ultrasound this afternoon. Active little fella, he was. :)
But unless our eyes decieve us, it surely looked like little boy parts on the screen.

Everything else looks good, he has a nice long spine with lots of vertebrae, a big head,
a beating heart, two arms complete with elbows and hands and two legs with knees and feet. He has a nose and mouth, two eyes, a stomach, bladder, kidneys, etc. He's pretty flexible too. At one point he had his legs all the way over his head (looked just like "plow" pose for those who know yoga)

Got some okay photos, we were over in the XRay dept as the Ultrasound area was full and our tech, who was great, was having problems with the printer printing too dark. Ah well. It was lots of fun to see him moving around in there.

And yes, we are still thinking Cael sound good for a name. I'm sure I'll spend the rest of my life explaining that k-a-l-e is a green, leafy vegetable and C-a-e-l is an Irish variation of Nicholas that means "mighty warrior". Matt likes River as a middle name. I'm still looking but have nothing better at this time. :) Still taking suggestions for first or middle names. :)

And currently I'm at my parents so the pics will be in the next post when I'm back at my own computer and scanner. Til then, be well.

P.S. T-minus 5 days til the Oscars! and 5 more films to see! Oy!

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