Monday, February 11, 2008

A Tea Party

Well, unfortunately, no belly pictures were taken at the party, but here are some nice pics of Teagan and her friends. :) Not all of these are from the Valentine's Tea Party as I didn't get a lot of good pictures, honestly.

Grandpa Bruce (above) was not in attendance at the party. He's having health issues and slept the entire afternoon, but I liked this picture from XMas.

Grandpa Carl

Nana (who co-hosted the party) has been grooming Teagan as a hostess and lover of everything holiday. :)

Matt (Daddy) -photo from not from party- showed up after lunch as he had to wait for furnace guy to come an hour late and tell us, after another hour, that he can't fix the furnace afterall.

Our friend, Tom.

Angela and Jeff

Grammy and Grandpa

And of course, me

The party went well. We had super yummy food, as always, which included scones & tea, little sandwiches, choice of chicken bowtie or baked potato soup, jello-pretzel salad, and three desserts: sugar cookies, mini cheesecakes and heart-shaped jello. :) Everyone had a great time, we ate and laughed a lot and played a round of FindIt before heading home for naps. :)

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Nice set of pictures.