Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hawaii, part 3: Beaches

First, an overall agenda for our week. Mostly for my sake:
Mon: Slaughterhouse beach snorkeling
Tues: Iao Valley
Wed: Maui Ocean Center (aquarium), Luau in Lahaina
Thurs: dying from space plague, Maui Tropical Plantation, Matt to airport
Fri: Molokini
Sat: Brian/Jenn to airport, Haleakala & Winery at Ulupalakua Ranch
Sun: Drive along northern coastline of West Maui, Mom/Dad to airport, Paia, we fly out

Kahana beach, just outside our condo

Gavin's first visit to the ocean

Cael's first visit to the beach. It was windy. He
liked digging his toes in the sand, but then the water came up
and it was a bit shocking to us both! This is the only photo I have of
us on this outing. Keith has the rest.

Keith and Matt took Gavin and Teagan out for a swim
at Kahana Beach.

One nice thing about going to Maui with Brian and Jenn, who lived there for 7 months, was their knowledge of the best beaches to visit. Our first snorkel from the beach was at "Slaughterhouse Beach" and it was gorgeous!

View from the road

I brought the porpoise pouch thinking we'd go in, but Cael mostly slept and Teagan went in for a few minutes, but then came back to the beach, snacked, slept and played in the sand. Teagan declares "I don't like the waves, Mama".

Liz, Keith and Gavin

Teagan *looks* fearless as she heads out to Matt. I think this might have been before she met the waves for the first time

Gavin gets a little mama love

Auntie Liz plays in the sand with Teagan and Gavin

Grammy gives up on the waves herself and holds a sleeping Cael while I go snorkeling.
Thanks Mom!

And last but not least, on our last day we went to Paia, a little town not far from the airport. We stopped at a little park on the way and said hello to the ocean for the last time.

The last of the McMillin clan left on the island

Cael before - Cael after

Tree on the beach (if you know me, you know I LOVE trees)


Morgan said...

I do believe I spy some Crankpants on the beaches of Hawaii! Too cute!

Teagansmama said...

Yep, monster booty!

Carl said...

Nice "puppy pile" and good memories.