Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hawaii, part 2: lounging

After much discussion in the planning stages, we finally opted for a 3 bedroom condo on the beach just down the road from my aunt Leah's studio timeshare in Kahana located in West Maui. It was an upstairs unit, but had an upstairs loft and really felt like a house. Matt, Teagan, Cael and I had one bedroom downstairs with a queen and twin bed. Keith, Liz and Gavin (with rented crib) had the second bathroom downstairs with doors that closed off the living room and their own entrance to the main bath. My parents had the master loft bed and bath upstairs and Brian/Jenn slept on the sofa bed. There was a galley style kitchen open to the dining room/living room with a large sectional sofa. I think we borrowed some extra folding chairs from my aunt's studio apt so when all 12 of us were there, we could fit around the dining room table. :) Oh and let us not forget the lanai. Also everything was really open with cathedral ceilings, lots of skylights and slatted windows that opened to the sound of the ocean. Just outside the condo was a grassy area the kids could run, a gate to the beach and a swimming pool.

When we weren't running around visiting the sites, we just hung around, played with the kids and caught up. (kinda the point of the vacation)

Our first morning all the kids were up circa 6am so we decided to puppy-pile
Auntie Jenn and Uncle Brian. :) Good morning! Welcome to the world of having kids!

Brian and Cael

Gavin, probably causing mischief, as all 15-month olds do :)

Matt, Cael and Teagan hanging out watching a movie

Uncle Brian and Teagan play with her new wombat puppet
while Cael looks on

Speaking of puppy-piles :)
Left to right: Auntie Jenn, Auntie Liz, Teagan

Brian reads stories to Teagan. She loves her new "Josephine loves to dance" book about a kangaroo that wants to be a ballet dancer.

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