Saturday, November 22, 2008

Flowergirl Teagan

Dear readers (ha ha),
You may remember that we were planning a trip to Hawaii when we heard the great news that our friend Ben had proposed to his girlfriend Jami and a Nov 8 wedding date was set. This was the intended departure date to Hawaii, but fortunately we were able to move that back a day. As a result, Teagan was invited to be their flower girl and here are some photos of the big day!

Unfortunately, I'm not so great with indoor photos with not-so-great lighting so I don't have much worth showing from the rehearsal. It went smoothly. The kids were fairly cooperative, everyone seemed to have a good idea of the plan and what few little kinks were worked out. Note, Jami's son Jon has become quite a dear friend to Teagan and was the ringbearer. At the tender age of 5, he's already stated he plans to marry Teagan. :) Teagan's not so sure. :)

On with the photos!

Flower girl Teagan and ringbearer Jon practicing their walk down the aisle

Matt and Cael hanging out in the back

The Boys
My brother Keith and his long-time friends Luke, Ben and Edmund
(left to right)

Also, most of my wedding pictures were teh suck as's what I could salvage...

Teagan and Cael at the hotel suite. Yes, he's wearing a dress shirt and pants. He wasn't too thrilled about it either. This is the only photo you'll see too as he slept through the wedding (thank goodness), made early rounds at the reception, nursed and then was back to sleep again.

I do wish I'd gotten a video of Teagan trying to get everyone to do the "coolie dance" at the hotel suite. She was quite enthusiastic :)

Teagan and Jon all dolled up :)

They had both practiced dancing at home before the wedding, not that you could tell.
We kept reminding Jon he had to be gentle on Teagan. They did have a good time though!

Grammy, Teagan and Auntie Liz dancing on the sidelines during the wedding party dances which included a first family dance with Ben, Jami and Jon. So sweet!

The happy couple

A true mama! When Jon decided to lay down on the floor
during the reception, Jami joined him without hesitation.
Ben was being attentive, as always, and Teagan was in her usual
state of curiosity and need for being involved. :)

All in all, things went very smoothly for the wedding as well. We are very happy for them and hope their lives resume a more normal state soon. :)
We didn't stay too late as we had to get Teagan to bed before leaving the house at 3:30am to get to the airport for the trip to Hawaii. That post will be up soon! Stay tuned.

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