Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hawaii, part 1: travel

As previously mentioned, we had to leave at 3:30am on Sunday, Nov 9 for the airport. The best priced flights were through Akron/Canton and all flights to Hawaii (regardless of airport) leave this area at 6-7am. Just do. So, with little to no sleep, we headed to the airport and got checked in. There were issues with the reservation, but mostly it was sorted out by Keith/Liz before we got there. Omg, it was SO cold on the way in and also, we had a moment of realization when we arrived that there was no way we were getting 2 kids and all our luggage in without a cart. This commences our first travel by air with 2 kids.

Cael's first flight: Akron/Canton, OH to Atlanta, GA.
Then there was a 5 hour flight from Atlanta to San Francisco.

San Francisco, CA to Kahalui, HI (Maui)
We were fortunate enough to have an extra seat in our row and rather than have Matt move back from his single seat, I let Cael stretch out and sleep...which he did for almost the entire 5 hour flight. Yea! Such a good little traveller. Teagan, meanwhile, kept herself occupied with videos for most of the flight.

Also, as luck would have it, the people in front of us were willing to switch with Keith and Liz to allow them to have a whole row to themselves too meaning Gavin got his own seat. Whew!
We'd learn on the way home that really it's even better if they sit behind us :)

I wish I'd had a picture of the lot of us going through the airport security. I know on the way home we were a force to be reckoned with. :) You might imagine the sheer volume of baggage there is when travelling with 3 small children for 14 hours. Somehow we survived. :) More from HI later.

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