Saturday, June 2, 2007

Highlights from MarCon

Over Memorial Day weekend we made our 8th annual trip to MarCon in Columbus, Ohio. Teagan has been going since she was in utero. :) Here are some highlights from our weekend at the Hyatt.

This is mostly what we did. Teagan and I hung out a lot in the gaming room near Matt's table and read books, played stop & go and played with our new friend Ariadne ("Ari") who is the 21- month old daughter of Thaddeus & Julia, long-time attendees of MarCon/Origins and friends.

Here we are reading books with Julia and Ari.

Daddy took a break to take a picture with Teagan.

When we weren't hanging out in the gaming room, we were mostly on the hunt for yummy food, fun things to look at (never a shortage at gaming conventions), climbing stairs, taking elevator rides or playing in the room. We also had the trike in the trunk of the car so we decided to bring it up to the room. She's not quite proficient enough to take it down to the gaming area (as I'd be carrying it, I'm sure) but the room was just the right size for her current level of skill. Here's Teagan after we went swimming. She insisted on being a nekkid baby in the room as much as possible.

Nekkid baby in room + love of trying to pedal trike = nekkid baby on the trike.

I tried to get video of her on pedalling, but that was when she wanted me to push her the most. C'est la vie. Maybe next time.

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