Friday, June 15, 2007


Well, Ladies and Gents. It's the eve of GOBA. I leave in the morning for the week-long bike adventure. You can check out to find out more or our whereabouts on any given day. :)
This is the word that comes to mind: precipice

prec·i·pice [pres-uh-pis] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –noun
1.a cliff with a vertical, nearly vertical, or overhanging face.
2.a situation of great peril: on the precipice of war.

50 miles a day. 5 of the 7 days of the week. What was I thinking?! Well, I'm committed now. (or should be, only time will tell) The parents are going which is my only saving grace. I'm really looking forward to the post-ride activities each day and really experiencing the adventure that IS GOBA. It's my rite of passage into this side of my family. :) I'm the last of the immediate family to go with only 2 of 3 spouses to go. (Matt and Liz) I really hope we'll do this again when Teagan is older. I get the sense from the stories and photos that it is a great bunch of people and worth the suffering of so many miles. ;) I've trained, but not enough. (which should surprise no one) and it all comes down to this. Finish packing tonight, leave in the morning to pick up parents, drive to Celina and start the ride early Sunday morning. Whee!

So instead, let's look at some random pictures as of late.

June 2nd was Keith & Liz's baby shower. My little nephew is due to arrive circa August 8th. Right in the middle of the family birthdays. Can't wait to see how this turns out and what his name will be!!!

Teagan's schtick that day was: "Mama! This is my *best* smile." For a while it was this one and occasionally it was a very wide, toothy grin.

Teagan picked out this balloon for her baby cousin. She knows it's a boy and that it's in Liz's belly. She thought it was cool to look through the balloon....or maybe she's trying to eat it?!
She did also take a picture of the balloon, turned the camera screen to the balloon (which was up on the ceiling) and said, "Look, bayoon, that's you!" What a crack-up!

Missed the photo-op of Teagan hugging and kissing the belly. Here she is giving it a little love pat. Two months from due date and Liz is still wearing her old jeans!

And then there was Teagan and Daddy checking out the new Strongbad cartoons. ( Teagan finds these highly amusing, if a bit baffling. :) I believe this day they were making a song with the sounds from the toon. Actually, it's quite funny. Teagan has been often seen sitting down at her keyboard and mouse (extras we had lying around) saying things like "I'm doing my homework" or "I'm checking my e-mail". No joke!
The kid's observant!

Well, with that I leave you to return to my packing and bedtime.



Carl said...

Somehow I think GOBA is like having a baby. Part way through I have always thought "I gave up my vacation to do this???? What was I thinking???? Then when it is over, I don't remember the pain very much - just the good times.
Heather's Dad

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