Monday, May 21, 2007


Today after errands Teagan decided she wanted to climb one of the trees in our yard (with some help). Here's my little treehugger and monkey.

Or is that koala? She then decided she wanted to eat the leaves. (having recently discovered she likes spinach leaves- which we simply call "leaves")

Turns out the leaves of the apple tree don't taste very good. :)

We tried the bigger climbing tree next to the house, but Teagan wasn't thrilled.
I imagine when she's older, we may have trouble keeping her out of the trees. :)


Carl said...

Have to get out the koala movies/pictures again. Looks like a similar pose.

Kristy said...

Heather, Teagan is adorable! What a cute little girl - so charming and adventurous! She and Benny would get along great - he just had his first "Little Gym" class today and was hanging upside down on the uneven bars in the first 15 appears I have a monkey-climber of my own too! :) Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your family!

Jeffrey said...

Leaves are delicious! ;)