Saturday, June 2, 2007

Daddy or Doddies?

I swear when Teagan says "doggies" it sounds like "doddies" and I seem to ask her a lot "Daddy or Doggy". When I ask I hear the good ol' Cleveland "a" in daddy, if that's what she meant or the absence of it if she meant doggy.

Anyway, here are some photos of Teagan, Sephi and Leo romping in the yard.

Leo, Sephi and the Stick

Teamwork or Rivalry?
(actually Leo trying to get into Sephi's game)

Did I mention it's hot and Teagan is starting to refuse pants more and more?

Who's taking the stick from whom?

Hugs for Leo!
Teagan loves her doggies!

Just one of the pack!


Carl said...

Teagan also plays a good game of fetch.

Brian said...

That was a nicely timed blog entry. We've been feeling (as they say here) flat out and completely wrecked, which made seeing the little one that much nicer. We think that the 'one of the pack' picture is the best.