Saturday, October 4, 2008

Birthday wishes

Listening to The Backyardigans.. "into the thick of it..." Feels a little like that here. School is well underway and there is much going on. I don't know if I have it in me to go into all the details, but I'm going to at least post about Teagan's birthday party. Teagan says it was "awesome-cool". :)

Nana (Matt's mom) really outdid herself. She planned a Dora the Explorer Extravaganza! Everyone Teagan invited came! I believe there were 9 kids including my friend Robyn's kids Alyssa (4) & Aiden (2), nephew Gavin (1), "boyfriend" Jon (5), a boy I treat Kyle (4), and 3 friends from school: Carter (3), Angelina (3), and Cami (3) and Cael (4 mo). I suppose I should mention that Teagan dressed like Dora :) She really embraced playing the part.

While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, they snacked on cheese and grapes and colored and played with Dora playdoh playscapes. Matt & Cael stop for a picture. :)

Then they went on an adventure to find the candles that Swiper swiped (complete with a swiper that says "You're too late. You'll never find it now" :) and backpacks with binoculars, compasses, and of course maps). They all wore their explorer hats and really got into the adventure. They used their maps to see that they had to go over the river (a long blue shower curtain with construction paper rocks), through the tunnel and to the pond (a swimming pool filled with stuffed animals, some of which had candles taped to them & Swiper). Teagan had Boots to help. :)

After they found the candles they had a star scavenger hunt. Each kid had a color star that they had to find on the bags of their treats. They all needed adult help and everyone had a great time trekking around the small wooded area behind Nana's house. Each kid had about 10 things to find ranging from sunglasses and small chalkboards to bendy robots and whistles. "Trinkety stuff" as Nana would say.

Then it was time for lunch. All natural hot dogs, bratwursts, sauerkraut, mac'n'cheese, baked beans, Dora Jell-o jigglers, applesauce... Then gift bags for the kids. Score! More playtime. An awesome cupcake cake that had the adventure landscaped across it and homemade ice cream. More playtime and then once everyone left, we let Teagan open the pile of gifts while Gavin played with the paper! :)

It really was awesome-cool. Everyone was very impressed and had such a great time!
Teagan turns 4-years old on Tuesday. I'll wait til then to make the birthday reflection post.

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