Saturday, October 4, 2008

Random Photos

Above: Cael and his chameleon :) and yep, he just fell asleep while I was cleaning
Below: Hydrocephalus Association walk Sept 26 at Mayfield Heights Park...SO GREAT!

Teagan had such a wonderful time. Here she is schmoozing with the high school gals that were doing face painting and temporary tattoos. See Teagan's collection. I think she ended up with 4 paintings and 3 temporary tattoos :)

I made a pair of recycled wool longies! :)

Teagan on picture day. What a ham!

Cael's monster booty longies arrived!! OH and his weeKilty!

Just pulling some favorites as of late. Just because I don't post, doesn't mean I haven't been keeping track via photos :)

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Carl said...

Great sets of pictures. I particularly liked the one with Teagan beside the tree on picture day.