Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of school

Well, it's true. As I write this (with one hand as Cael is in my lap), Teagan is at her first day of preschool. She'll be in Mrs. Cooke's 3-year old/3-day program on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:15-11:15a.m. Teagan has said, "Her name is Mrs. Cooke but she doesn't cook much of anything" :)

Our morning went pretty smoothly and yes, we made it to school with a few minutes to spare. Fortunately it's about a mile from our house :) I gave Teagan 3 choices of outfits this morning and she insisted on the purple top. I need to get some brown socks. She didn't want a shower (she bathed last night) and agreed to let me braid her hair instead (the hair was pretty wild upon waking). We used the spray-on conditioner and that went well. It even tamed it enough that we didn't have to braid it, but she still wanted the braids. Go figure! This is new. Normally she doesn't like anything in her hair. We had a test run on Sunday with braids. We'll see if they make it til the end of class. :)
As soon as she was dressed she asked, "Are we going to school this very minute?" I assured her we had some time to have breakfast and get our stuff together. I was good and packed her bag last night with her paperwork, requested dish soap and labelled ziplock bag of extra clothes, but I went through and showed her each item. She had her usual breakfast, which is to say, not much... an organic vanilla milk box and less than half a strawberry cereal bar on my insistence. We'll see how that goes over as snack isn't until near the end of class and she's used to snacking whenever she likes. Once we were dressed and packed and ready to head out the door we got her bookbag on (which is very large comparatively, but she needs to be able to put art projects in it) and she said "Okay, Mama, I'll see you later" as if I was just going to let her go on her own. :) So independent. I let her know that I'd need to drive her to the school and that I'd pick her up (with Grammy) after school so she could go to Grammy's with Cael and I'd go to work then.

She didn't have any problems leaving with the class. She was able to find her nametag with a little direction to narrow the field of choices. She was almost left behind as she was at the end of the line and had stopped to visit some older girls at their lockers. The rest of the class had continued on and Mrs Cooke was wrangling the lone screamer of the group, but Teagan ran to catch up and made the corner and then I left. Whew!

I wish I'd thought to bring the camera in, it was really cute to see the whole class line up and head down the hall. :) Here are a couple pics from this morning before we left though. :)

The height shot. I imagine we'll use this tree each year to measure. :)

Couldn't decide which picture I liked better so you get to see both. :) She looks so proud!

The hair and the backpack she picked out. Wild, huh?

Cael sees his big sis off to her first day of preschool. Yea!!


Carl said...

They grow up so fast.

Morgan said...

I can't believe how BIG Teagan has gotten! That year between 3 and 4 seems to have as much fast growing as the first year, almost.

The Stag God said...
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Jennifer McMillin said...

Such a big girl! Tell her I like her pretty purple backpack!

mbmichael said...

nice braids! with an appropriately crooked part too! _great_ (albeit humongous) backpack.