Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another comparison

Looking back at how the two kids measure up.

Teagan, at her 2 month checkup was a mere 7 lbs! Cael was 11 lbs, 12 oz.

Top: Teagan at 2 months Bottom: Cael at 5 weeks

Now, here's where it gets fun because by 3 1/2 months, Teagan was 12 lbs. Cael is just under 3 months and about 12 lbs, so let's see....

Top: Teagan 14 weeks Bottom: Cael 10 weeks
(I'll try to get a better smile photo)

And yet here's Teagan at 5 months:

Anyway. That's all I've got for now. They are awfully cute though!


Morgan said...

As Cael is getting older, he's looking more and more like you, whereas Teagan stayed very McFarland-looking. He's such an adorably fat baby. I can't wait to finally meet him in person in October!

Carl said...

Growing up fast.

Teagansmama said...

It's funny because whenever I'm out with Teagan, people always say she looks like me, but I think both kids look more like Matt. *shrugs*

Really, I think they look like themselves. ;)