Monday, August 4, 2008

Forsaking sleep

I really should be sleeping, but instead I'm catching up on oh, billing, LJ posts to try to sell dipes, and this mini post.

Life is consuming, but I have been taking some pictures. So now I share a few of my favorite recent photos.....and I just realized that I'm in most of these.

So Some Things we've been up to...

Teagan has been working on her photography skills. She LOVES to take pictures with my camera. Prior to this photo the exchange went something like this:
T: Mama, say "Hotdog"
Me: Hotdog
T: Did you just call me a hotdog?! :) (just like when she gets her photos taken)
so cute. Here's the pic she took.

And she likes to take pictures of herself too.

Mom got this bike from the girl across the street for $5.00. :) Teagan's tolerance is still very short, but we're excited just the same.

Cael is officially 2 months old now! At 8 weeks I took this photo. It might be a new favorite.
I don't have his stats until Wednesday, but he's growing! Oh is he growing and I think his social smile is emerging!

Last weekend we were busy. Friday we went on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. They had a special "The Little Engine That Could" ride. It was a nice afternoon. Here's photo from Andrea of my brother Keith, his son Gavin, me, Cael (in the sling) and Teagan. Teagan really loved the inflatable train and the pet zoo with pony ride.

Saturday we(I) walked 2.4 miles to the other side of Berea for an ex-coworkers party. Teagan had a great time with the other kids. She was so good. It was nice to get some exercise and have a sense of pride in walking rather than driving. No pics.

Sunday we did the 15th Annual Richfield Sweet Corn Ride....a family 10-mile ride. Lovely day. Keith hauled Teagan and Gavin in his ladybug trailer. We were joined by Liz and Mom. Dad rode the 25-mile with the Konsens and Matt, my darling, watched Cael so I could get back on my bike for the first time in almost a felt great! No pics.

And last but not least, Cael's been loving his nekkid time.


Carl said...

Wow. A 5 mile hike!

Teagansmama said...

Yes, while pushing the two kids in the double stroller the night before the 10-mile ride. I was a little worried I had done too much in such a short time frame, but it turned out fine. :) I do still have the calluses on my hands from pushing the stroller though.

mbmichael said...

nice. I don't know which I like better, the seriousness of the T self-portrait, or the yoda-face on cael.

Morgan said...

He's getting fat just like Donovan did! Look at those rolls.

Jennifer McMillin said...

How loveable is that last one? Can't wait to squeeze the little chubster!