Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Has it been too long?

Life is happening in this weird time-space-continuum. Slow, slow, slow paced at home and yet to find time to do much seems hard to come by. When there is an outing, it is a monumental undertaking and yet not all that complicated...just really time-consuming.

And whenever I finally sit down to get something done (like this post) Cael starts to fuss. Doesn't matter if he's been fed, if I've just set him down or if he should be by all intents and purposes...ASLEEP.....

(several hours later)

Trying to think of what we've been up to....
July 4th was fairly uneventful. Teagan was in a "young patriots" parade in my parents' neighborhood (quite by happenstance...she had spent the night). They decorated her tricycle and he made a flag and had ice cream. Sounds like she had a good time.

(2 days later)

July 5th had us visiting friends for a somewhat impromptu engagement party. Ben went to high school with my youngest brother. They were both in Dayton for college before Ben joined the armed forces (not sure which branch) and was sent off to Iraq. He's back now and has been dating Jami for a while now. (not sure of the exact duration). Jami has a son Jonathan, who will be 5 years old next month. We like them all very much. They are getting married in November and have asked Teagan to be the flower girl. We didn't think this would be possible as we were scheduled to be in Hawaii, but that may be postponed long enough to attend the wedding...seeing as how my brother will be in the wedding party. I believe the plan will be wedding Sat Nov 8, leave for Hawaii Sun Nov 9. But that's neither here nor there. Somewhat related....they are hoping to move up to Brecksville which means Teagan will have another friend nearby, which is great news. Stay tuned. The party was fun.

July 6th we had our Big Sister/Little Brother party. It was lovely. Sue made lots of very tasty food and overall it was pretty laid back. Two of our friends came with their kids (Penelope, soon to be 3 yrs; William 6?; Alex 8 and Mia, also soon to be 3). Overall, pretty small turnout but lovely just the same. Thanks to those that did make the effort to come help us celebrate despite the holiday weekend. :)

Well, onto the pictures as I don't want this post to go another day and it's time for me to get Teagan down for nap. Oh! Matt, Cael and I went to see a double feature at the drive-in Wednesday night. We saw Wall-E....very cute, and The Hulk...decent superhero flick. Cael managed to sleep through both movies!! Meanwhile, Teagan had her first sleepover at Nana's since she got the new bed. Of course, she didn't SLEEP in the convertible bed, but maybe next time. Tonight Matt and I are going with friends to see Hellboy2, oh yeah! Very exciting! And Dark Knight (the next Batman movie is next Friday). My folks are watching Teagan AND Cael. This will be Cael's first time staying with someone other than a parent. I've only been able to leave him on 2 occasions to run to the store while he napped and once so far for a treatment session.

Did I mention I picked up the extended school year contract? It's pretty light. 6 sessions each for 2 kids (each once a week, one for 30 minutes and one for 60 minutes). I'm able to bring Cael with me for the 60 minute session as arranged with the parent and so far that's working out alright. I leave Cael home for the 30-minute session.

Ok. Pics and then nap....and of course, who's waking up?
You got it! Cael!

Below: The new shark diaper sent from Morgan, Jon and family in GA. It's soft too!

Ok, not a great picture of Cael and he's wear a huge cloth diaper, but he is getting chunkier! :) I can attest to the amount of hours he has put in working on getting the chub on ;)


Carl said...

Cute pictues.
Ben was in the Marines.

Teagansmama said...

Yeah, I thought it was the Marines, but wasn't 100% sure. Thanks!

Morgan said...

That diaper still looks a bit big for him, but he sure is chunking up quickly! I can't get over what a pretty baby he is. All babies are cute, but Cael is just a handsome little man!

Cael looks so much like newborn Donovan from the middle of his nose up. That McFarland brow really is a dominant trait, isn't it? Teagan and Donovan both seem to have outgrown it, though.

majikfaerie said...

those pics are gorgeous!