Thursday, June 5, 2008

Love this photo

I love this photo!

Cael Rowan McFarland
June 3, 2008


Jennifer McMillin said...

Dear BabyMoon,

You're here! Welcome to this crazy and beautiful world. We've all been waiting for you for a long time (well, relative to your time anyway) and here you are, arriving just when the time was right for you.

While you might not know it yet, lots and lots of people love you already. You're part of a pretty terrific group of people (they'll have you playing cards in no time, beware). They'll be there through thick and thin so remember that when you're twelve years old and they're embarrassing you in front of your friends.

A couple of important messages. You're mama is one the most beautiful and amazing women I know, so be good to her. You're big sister will probably try to take your toys and otherwise torture you at times. Don't worry about it too much, that's her job and she loves you.

Your family likes to travel. The world is an amazing place, full of kind and generous people (disregard what you might hear on the news). Go out and meet them, and be one of them.

We won't meet for a few months yet but when we do, you'll find that you have yet another auntie and uncle who will be a very special part of your life.

You have a big job ahead of you. You'll have to learn how to crawl, how to write, how to ride a bike, how to do your own laundry and how to be a kind and loving man. We're all here to do our best to help you get through the bumpy parts and celebrate the sweet parts.

Until we meet....
Your loving Auntie Jenn and Uncle Brian down under

Nick, Kristy, Xavier and Bennett said...

Congrats McFarland family! Heather, I'm thrilled to hear that baby Cael made his debut in a kind and gentle manner :-) He's darling! Here's wishing you all a very loving, crazy fun first year and beyond!

(an aside: what a lovely comment by Auntie Jenn...she's right, a loving, present family is a wonderful thing to be brought into and relish life's hills and valleys with. Cael is indeed a lucky boy!)

Anonymous said...

My gods. He's so adorable. :)

Congratulations, you guys. May you bring one another joy, and bolster one another up, your whole lives through.