Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baby Doll and More Newborn Fluff

It's really hard to get a good picture of Teagan AND Cael at the same time.
Here he is looking like her baby doll. I promise you she's not trying to choke him; she just thinks having her hand on his chest keeps him safe or something ;)

And then there's more newborn fluff (aka more cloth diaper shots because they are awesome and someday I will sell them and it's nice to have pics on the baby)

Above: The shark diaper my sis-in-law Morgan found. She sent me the link
and how could I refuse? It's a nice fitted with a velour inner. So soft.

Below: The sock monkey diaper (ok, it's a small and we aren't out of newborn yet, but I just got it in the mail. It looks big, but fits at the waist and legs and contained the mess he promptly unloaded into it) :) Oh and did I mention I bought a sundress for Teagan in matching fabric? Pictures when it's warm enough for her to wear. Props to Summer at Sumbuns.

And a couple of pics of the nephew, Gavin with Grandpa and Dad on Father's Day at the zoo.

What a cutie, eh?


Morgan said...

That Sumbuns is so HUGE on him, but the shark diaper is JUST RIGHT. He's so precious, it hurts!

Carl said...

Nice pictures.