Sunday, March 30, 2008

Time Flies....Easter Saturday

I was going to post pictures of the near-blizzard and sticker fun on my belly but in the interest of staying current...I'll put up the latest pictures from Easter and our trip to Arizona.
Matt's mom hosted an Easter brunch on Saturday before we had to get to the airport. It was a white Easter, but full of warmth and family-fun indoors. My folks, Keith, Liz, Gavin and Aunt Leah came over to celebrate.

The Easter Bunny...aka Teagan...had lots of fun finding the eggs around the living room and opening them to find all sorts of surprises. She has three baskets of goodies too! (2 from Nana and 1 from Grammy)
Baby Gavin is getting so big! He's 8-months old already and does a stellar job sitting up and scooting around on his belly. :) Here he is with Daddy Keith. There was some discussion at dinner about which cost more, Gavin's CK jeans or Keith's shirt. :) (they were trying to prioritize which to try to save from the mushy bananas) And for those who can't see the details, but would appreciate it, that's a Mickey Mouse onesie :)
A daunting task indeed....trying to get Gavin and Teagan looking in the same direction at the same time. :) Ah well. Here's the best I've got.
Sue has a glass dining room table. Here's a picture Matt took of Teagan underneath and her new favorite face to make :) Ferocious, eh?

Teagan had been greatly anticipating Easter, what with eating bunnies and dyeing and finding eggs and so forth....her only disappointment was that it only lasted two days. She would rather it still be Easter :) In fact when we were in Arizona she kept saying "When we get back home, it'll be Easter and we'll look for eggs...."

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