Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Having trouble sleeping lately so I have some quiet time before the Christmas day begins. Btw, Teagan is obsessed with Santa bringing her toys (which figures because we decided not to play that game with her) so I'm curious to see how she handles today. She is still getting (and has received) a lot of gifts from family and friends so hopefully that will outweigh Santa's role. :)

I managed to get the photos off my camera yesterday, so here are some updated photos of Teagan. I haven't scanned the ultrasound photo yet, but maybe I'll get around to that someday. :)

In the meantime, More Teagan! (that's what you come here for, right?)

Wow, all the way back to October! Grammy & Teagan at Gavin's baptism.

And November, Daddy and Teagan at Miss Molly's annual day-after-Thanksgiving trip. :)

Teagan "decorating" fall sugar cookies

Teagan in her Winter Jammies. Arguably, the best shot I have of her recently.

At Cleveland Orchestra Holiday Concert Intermission. She liked the first half, but was ready to go home before the second half. I really like this photo. It was really just a moment in time. Mostly she was running around and having people tell her how pretty she looked. :)

Did I mention I got my hair cut 2 weeks ago? It just touches my shoulders now!

And for good measure, a photo of Baby Gavin with Auntie Liz during our visit to Grandma Hope last week. Grandma kept saying, "she's so cute" which is funny because when Teagan was little she was sure Teagan was a boy. :)

Happy Holidays! Hope they are filled with love, laughter and lots of good cheer!


Kristy said...

HEATHER - ULTRASOUND PHOTO?! is there something I don't know about??? Do tell, please!

Wonderful photos...I agree about the winter jammies and concert pictures - capturing a moment, a memory. So sweet!

Miss seeing you, hope you all had a very special Christmas!

Kristy said...

Forgot to mention - love your new haircut! :-)