Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fall Leaves, a few more photos

I'm such a slacker lately. I have new photos on the camera from birthday and halloween and just don't know what I did with my connection cord and haven't the energy lately to get on a computer that can handle it. (the laptop I'm using is severely bogged down)

So, enjoy some pictures from Teagan and my afternoon outside raking leaves and jumping in the leaf pile. (via my phone camera) I didn't have much memory so you only get three. Afterwards I did find my camera and also clear a bunch of photos from my phone. :)

We were lucky. It wasn't too long after our romping around the backyard that it started to get cold and rainy. I have to say, I was in a pretty foul mood in the morning and this surely made me feel better. Even though raking was painful after yoga the night before, it was SO worth it!

This by the way is an annual tradition for Teagan and Mama.

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