Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Independence Day! (ha ha)

Ok, for the 2 of you who aren't family or on LJ... :)

Yes, the ultrasound mentioned was at 9 weeks of this pregnancy. The gist of it is we found out on Halloween. It's been a rough first trimester with lots of nausea and absolute fatigue, but that's mostly subsided. We had an ultrasound at 6 weeks stat to make sure the pregnancy was viable after I had some bleeding and again at 9 weeks to make sure the baby was growing since my hormone levels weren't rising as much as my nurse-midwife would like. We were able to have a pic from the second which was reassuring. :) I was on progesterone for the remainder of the first trimester as well and am glad to be done with that.

Our next appointment is January 2nd with Colleen, our nurse-midwife and we should be meeting with our doula in January and taking a tour of the hospital to help build our birth plan. :) This one will most likely be born at Lakewood Hospital. I love the idea of a home birth, but not at my house as it is and I love my birth team which requires the hospital setting to have Colleen and Rae. Colleen moved to Lakewood Hospital a couple of years ago, but still delivers at St John's Westshore so that's still a possibility. Not sure if Lakewood has a NICU or not. We were so grateful for that with Teagan's birth even though she ended up moving to Fairview before 24 hours.

Teagan is excited to be a big sister. (she'll be 3 yrs, 9 months at the birth of #2). She's very much into babies now as it is, between her cousin Gavin (now 4 months old) and just being 3 years old and loving to pretend play life things. :)

So, there ya go. Now you know. :)

I'll try to keep you posted. (and yes, Kristy, that means that I'll be consulting in the spring as I'll be 5-6 months along by then, no hippotherapy for me for a while) :/


Kristy said...

YAY HEATHER!!! Super news...congrats to everyone! I'm really excited for you, even though I'm not excited to not have you in hippotherapy this spring/summer. But, I guess this is the best possible reason for that, so I'll forgive you! ha!

Sorry to hear about your early scares, but so glad to hear that everything is looking good now! How many weeks are you? Will you find out the sex? Ohhh, anticipation!! Wonderful!! Please keep us posted on all things pregnancy!

Carl said...

Nice pictures. I sent Hope/Gavin picture and link to your blog to some relatives.

CresceNet said...

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Teagansmama said...

I guess my title wasn't clue enough. :)

I'm due early July. 40 weeks is July 4th but I don't expect to deliver at exactly 40 weeks. Who does? So I'm saying early July.

That calculates to about 13 1/2 weeks right now.

And yes, if the baby is cooperative at the 20-week ultrasound we will find out and we will let you know. :)

I'm no good with waiting and I think it'll be helpful in preparing Teagan for baby brother or sister.

We are also taking suggestions for names :)
There are some rules:
1) Must hold up in uniqueness to Teagan
2) Must not sound like Teagan (nothing that starts with T or ends in the -en sound)
3) We prefer names that have a Celtic/Welsh sound, but that's negotiable

So far for boys: the names on the list are Jasper, Cael, Malcolm

For girls: Maeve, Kyla, Ainsley