Sunday, May 4, 2008

Has it been almost a month?

Mini updates before I go to work:

New measurements 43" bust, 46" at belly button, 47 1/2 " waist
Very prominent belly. Activity noted at least every 2 hours, more at night, definitely reliable after I've eaten and responds to localized taps 1/3x. Sciatica still an issue, but manageable. Reflux tolerable and not as frequent. Warm water exercise class 2x/week plus walks when able. (though there is pain with walking too much, especially after work). 4 weeks of school!! 9 weeks or so of pregnancy!

Had a lovely chat with my sis Jenn last night. Wish I could say I was weighing the pros/cons of her trying to make it for the baby's birth. For me there aren't any cons. ;) For her there are considerations of expense, travel time and how do you plan a trip around the world to coordinate when a baby will be born?, plus considerations for Brian's feelings re: him not being able to come on that trip and weighing the importance of being here at the birth or around the birth vs just waiting another 3 months to see us when they both can be here. *sigh*
I'd love to her to be here, baby or not to have the sisterly bonding time and the chance for her to be part of my birthing team, but it's a long way to come, I know.
More as that develops.

In other news,...
Matt graduates Saturday May 10th with his MA in Speech and Language Pathology!
Seems like a long time coming and yet here already! I'm so very proud of him. He's been diligent with his school work, committed to starting a new career and really enjoying most of it. (aside from some school-related drama)


Carl said...

And no sign of toxic syndrome (knock on wood).

Teagansmama said...

No edema (still wearing my wedding ring and no need for compression socks)
Blood pressure 125/80 last week when I took it at home.
Good kidney function (peeing like a maniac)

Mostly just all belly and sciatica problems