Sunday, April 13, 2008

OMG I bought a yellow shirt!

When I was pregnant with Teagan, I had an OMG moment when I bought and frequently wore a pink shirt. ME! In pink! But it just seemed right. Friday I stopped to pick up white & black tank tops (essential for the layering trend) and was compelled to buy this yellow shirt! ME! Yellow!
I think the only other shirt I own that is yellow is the jersey from the Richfield CornRide I did many years ago. But there it is!

Also, as seen above, I've discovered how to use the timer on my camera to take self-portraits. Next time I will place it on something a little more level and maybe a little further away.
Just for comparison sake (please take distance into consideration...haha) I've decided to look back at pregnancy pics from before Teagan arrived. The one below is August 4, 2004 which would have been 2 months before she was born and about 14 weeks from her due date. Right about the same as for BabyMoon now (I'm 28 weeks). Personally I don't think I look that bad for 3 1/2 years and a toddler later, but I DO look "full of baby!" That's for sure!
Meanwhile, Teagan has finished her gymnastics class. We were allowed in for parent visitation the last session and I took pictures, but trying to get a good pic in the gym didn't work all that well. If I'd realized that when I tweaked them on the computer they'd be alright, I'd have been more persistent. She's not going to continue with gymnastics though; she's just not all that interested though I do think she's improved in her attention, ability to follow directions in a classroom setting and overall strength and coordination. I left the decision to her. She did start her swim lessons the next morning and is very excited about that class. I feel firmly that swim lessons are a life skill and not an option for my children so that worked out well. :)

So instead I got all nostalgic and posted a few pictures of Teagan when she was 3 weeks old. I had a moment the other day holding Gavin when the reality of a REAL little baby in our very-near future set in. SOON, we'll have another one of these in our house!!

Hopefully slightly bigger to start. :) Below was our comparison photo so you know JUST how little Teagan was. It'll be exciting to have another baby at home, but I sure am glad Teagan's the big girl she is now. :)


Jennifer McMillin said...

You look fabulous! Fabulous in yellow. Fabulous full of baby. Fabulous cuz you're gorgeous. Period.


Carl said...

You look great in yellow (and even better in pink).

Nick, Kristy, Xavier and Bennett said...

Lookin' good! Yellow is cute on you- and so is the baby belly!

Cute pics of Teagan too - what a tiny little peanut she was! What was her birth weight?

28 weeks, eh? Keep cookin' Baby Moon, you've got a while to go yet! ;-)

Teagansmama said...

Thanks, thanks and thanks.

Teagan was 5 lbs 2 oz at birth! Big for the NICU but still OH so tiny!! (I think the little girl next to her was still only around 3 lbs)
Hard to believe she was such a tiny peanut when you pick her up now; she's getting so heavy, pushing nearly 40 lbs!

And YES, keep cooking Baby Moon! We need to make it to July!(or at least until Auntie Jenn is in the country..heha) I'm in for the long haul! (though it is good to know he's "viable" now, just in case)