Monday, March 23, 2009

March update

Ok, I know it's been a while. Most of you know I'm on Facebook and are there too so you've heard what's going on and you've seen the pictures, but just in case. Here are a couple of Cael and Teagan from today.

Life keeps keeping on. Cael is getting teeth #5-8 simultaneously but is keeping pretty good temperament through it. Just not sleeping so well. Teagan is still in preschool and juggling playdates a few afternoons a week. Her storytelling and imaginary play is expanding greatly. She now plays multiple roles (with different voices and everything) within a story and the stories are getting much more elaborate. Her favorite theme to play right now is pet shop where she is the officer who finds a mean cat and asks the sarge/master if she should throw it in the lake or give it to the pet shop, then she plays the pet shop owner and the little girl who buys the cat and teaches it to be nice. :) So cute.

Anyway, on with the pics.

My kids love the camera!

After previewing the movie and reading the book, we took Teagan to see Coraline.
She thought some parts were scary and that the book was better, but that she really
liked it.
Here she is with button eyes.

Oh, and did I mention that Cael has started pulling to stand now!? He's definitely on the move.
He's pretty well figured out crawling (as long as it's not on wood floors) and is moving effortlessly in and out of sitting and as of TODAY he started pulling all the way up to his feet and taking a few supported steps!

Look out world, here I come!


Carl said...

What smiles.

MarriageAS1 said...

Nice family...

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