Saturday, September 8, 2007

Destination: Paradise!

For ease of posting, not in any particular order...

A random (and very limited) selection of photos from Fiji

Looking down the beach, first day Sheraton, Fiji

The infinity pool at Sheraton Fiji, Denarau Island

Fire dance, Westin Denarau Island

Sea kayaking, first day Tui Tai Cruise
Brian and Jenn

Lower Waterfalls

Cobi Island, volcanic crater
looking at swarm of fruit bats and unknown depths below

Driftwood on Cobi Island

Amazing kids Rabi Island, grade 1-7 performance
dance and dramatization

Cool tree at Tanoa Hotel, Nadi

Natural waterslide

Water break off the beaten path
Mountain bike rest

Rabi High School, top of the hill

The bay at Savusavu from house on hill
Top of a hill, Brian, Jenn, me, Dad

Sunset, Sheraton Fiji

Sunset on the night of the lunar eclipse

Loved Fiji !
Visit Fiji !
(and don't forget your sunscreen!)


Carl said...

Great memories.

Kristy said...

Beautiful pictures Heather! I'm jealous :) See you next week!